Let me introduce the shock wave of HIFU

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Today I want to introduce the Shockwave for you. Because now the advanced shockwave can replace the traditional drugs treatment, and are very popular. Applied to different soft tissue treatment. Such as Waist or stern pain, Achillodynia, Patell tendonitis, Plantar fascitis, Tibial stress syndrome, Trochanteric tendonitis, Shoulder pain calcific tendonitis etc.

The theory of Shockwave is causing to the dissolution of calcium deposits and leads to better vascularization. The after-effect is relief from the pain. Just like the picture showing:

And the steps roughly like this:

---Clean the treatment part

---According the different part to choose the suitable handpiece

---Set suitable frequency and energy

---Operating on

---Clean the leftovers with hot towel, use warm towel to clean the work head after treatment.

And the right treatment steps are very important. 

So please cautions:

---Do not use gei or other lubricants on the treatment parts.

---To avoid heat accumulation in the work head, it is essential to ensure that the air vents at the top and particularly on the base of the work head are not blocked by the hand holding it or anything else.

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