I want to introduce the Human element analyzer for you

I'm Mandy. Do you remember me? Before I published an article about our Shockwave mahcine. Very thanks for your reading and any question are welcome.

Today I want to introduce the Human element analyzer for you. The machine can precisely test the all important indicators of our body. Then guide us how to promote and maintain our health in the future. You see it is realy vital for us and some gyms.The machine just like the picture showing: Operate steps are very simple. Then i want to introduce some advantages for you about our this machine.

-Internally installed thermal printer, A4 color paper ink-jet printer.

-50000*10 and SD card unlimited expamsion is available.

-20Khz, 50Khz, 100Khz test frequency.

-8 point contact electrode.

And the color paper is below. So if you like my article, please stick it. Thanks!

Have a good day and business for eveybody.

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