HOW TO Distinguish The True Or False Of The HIFU Face Lift Machine

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Today is a good start. Besides today is Monday, is the begin of one week. So first we should have a good mental state to meet each new own. I'm ready, are you ready?

Today I want to explain some ways to distinguish the true or false of the HIFU face lift machine, for our many friends and clients occasionally bought the fake.

Because among the parts of the HIFU machine, the transmitter is more important. Besides in the market there are the real and false transducer. If  unfortunately you meet with the fake. Can you tell it? So below are the details for your reference to tell:

There are there ways to learn, such as the below picture showing. 

First: In the area of the head contact the skin there is a black onductive film.

Second: When the head are working at the synthetic glass, there is the obvious uneven point on the opposite side.

Third: When the handle working, you can hear the sound.

So in the future, you can according these small tips to choose the right HIFU. 

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