808nm diode laser hair removal information

Hello everybody,

Glad to see yours again!

This is Sophie from HC beauty. As we know, surplus hair make the most of people which like to beautiful feeling upset, but don't worry, this time i will bring a magic hair removal machine, help you solve it easily.

At present, 808nm diode laser hair removal machine sales so hot! And Now in the market there are two kinds---Targeted and Big spot size hair removal. These two kind we all have. Any style of machine if you'd like, please tell me freely, glad to introduce for you. Our this machine, it is vertical, not only very beautiful, but also has high practicability, and more stable. Below are about it information.

-The big spot of 12*24mm. Though our market research and the feedback from customers, this spot area is the best choose, because not only hair removal is fast, but also very complete.

-It has high power supply wattage, it's 2000W, more than another hair removal machine.

-The bar from Germany, high quality and energy. The picture show as follow:

-Strong refrigeration system, ensure the safety in the treatment.

Finally, in order to the life of machine more long, i suggest that the machine have a break each 4 hours, thanks! 

Ok, this is our 808nm diode laser hair removal machine, and my skype is, and whatsapp is +8618833990895, any of concerns i can do for you, please note me at any time, Looking for yours messages! Thanks!

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