The advantage of 808 diode laser hair removal

808 diode laser hair removal is a very good method, which is developed on the basis of laser, so the effect is more ideal. What are the advantages of diode laser hair removal?

1. pigmentation is more suitable for Asia:

By traditional methods of laser , it can cause skin pigmentation after hair removal. But 808 diode laser hair removal technology can penetrate deeper skin, the surface skin absorption of laser energy is rare. So it does not produce melanin pigmentation, and there will be no inflammation .

2. It will not damage the skin

The best effect of hair removal need laser pulse time is associated with the thickness of the hair. 808 diode laser pulse light punch time is from 5 to 100 milliseconds. It not only can obtain the desired hair removal results, but also can effectively protect the epidermis from thermal damage.

3. Patented cooling technology is safe and no damages to skin .

In the treatment, sapphire close to skin, the local skin cooling to 5 degrees. So it not only can protect the normal skin from heat damage effectively and reduce pain, but also can increase the healing energy, to improve efficacy. At the same time, the laser head press down skin, making the absorption of the laser increased by 30% -40%.