How about the effect of the HIFU remove pouch

Due to the pressure of working and life, stay up late has become a habits of young people, but because of stay up late, the pouch is also becoming more and more obvious. In fact, it destroy your image seriously.What about the HIFU effect for getting rid of pouch?

The Hifu treatment for pouch is very comfortable

In the beauty industry, the HIFU equipment uses the ultrasonic to solve some of the common skin problems, when use the machine to treat the pouch, the ultrasonic will melt the fat quickly, then clean by cornea and absorbed completely. The whole process like massage, very comfortable.

During the treatment

During the treatment, the doctor needs to determine the size and position of pouch, and the relationship between nerves and blood vessels of the eyes, and displayed on the computer screen, using the effect of ultrasonic emulsification on the human body, make fat emulsion, with the special absorption mask, finish the absorption and excretion. This technology has short recovery time, it will not affect the people¡¯s normal work and rest.

The effect of the pouch removal with HIFU

After the treatment, the body will soon recover, you can starting work on the next day. In intraoperative and postoperative generally do not have injury when use HIFU treatment, it can remove the pouch completely.