Is it effective for plane warts treatment through CO2 laser

Plane warts is a very ugly skin lesions, in order to restore our beautiful image, we need to get the treatment of plane warts as early as possible. But is it effective for plane warts treatment through CO2 laser?

In fact, the medical profession generally considered the ideal method to treat plane warts is to use the laser device, the laser treatment will not injury all epidermal cells, but selectively direct effect on melanoma cells.

The advantages in the treatment process

When the CO2 laser treatment of plane warts, the melanosomes are transported by phagocyte.This method of laser treatment for plane warts without scarring after having a local treatment, no depigmentation, simple technical operation etc.

The advantages of CO2 laser treatment for plane warts include a wide scope of application, currently the world's more advanced pulse laser can treat a variety of birthmarks problems. The laser selectively destroy diseased tissue without affecting surrounding tissue or adjacent normal skin, to obtain plane warts removal, and the ideal effect without scars. Ití»s is an ideal method without pain or scars to treat plane warts.