a newly developed technological achievements for joint pain treatments

As we know, there is a conservative treatment for joint pain treatments, like medications, for example, ibuprofen particles. The shock wave is a newly developed technological achievements, even more safe and effective in the treatment, and so far no case of complications.

Then I will introduce our newest shock wave machine for you.

Available :

Waist or sternum pain, Patell tendonitis, Plantar fascitis, Tibial stress syndrome, Trochanteric tendonitis, Shoulder pain calcific tendonitis.


-----Ergonomic design provides a convenient setting operation

-----Imported power source, ensuring instant impact output effect

-----Wide impact pressure and frequency selection , in line with the demand for treatment

-----Single and dual output options, and offers a variety of specialty probes

-----Non-invasive completely and no reported side effects, no hospitalization required

-----Portable design and low maintenance