The question about laser treatment of capillary hemangioma whether or not to relapse

Capillary hemangioma is a congenital vascular disease, so a lot of people want to know whether relapse after did laser treatment.Laser treatment of vascular hemangioma can be divided into different ways, such as different laser wavelengths. Laser treatment is about having a system that can output two wavelengths in a pulse-- high energy pulsed dye laser and long-pulsed laser.

Process for the treatment of vascular hemangioma

Laser radiation biological tissue aroused absorption, reflection and heat transfer. Pigment tissue can draw the laser selectively, reflection and heat transfer are rare but the damage is big; Laser electromagnetic field can reach hundred thousands of volts, which can make vacuole formation in its focus. To achieve the purpose of laser treatment of vascular hemangioma

The effect of the Laser treatment of vascular hemangioma

The therapy has the advantage of effective, less pain, no scars, high cure rate and go with the rule, etc. Especially its effective rate can reach more than 95% and the cure rate reach more than 80% for the treatment of nevus flammeus and strawberry hemangioma.