How about the effect of household laser hair removal machine

Facial beauty, usually easier to affect our emotions and image. Especially in the face of female friends there are many hair, but when the technology of freezing laser hair removal appeared, it has changed this problem. Then below information are the introduction about the result of the freezing laser hair removal machine.

----Process of the freezing laser hair removing

Laser hair removing for facial is a safe and reliable way. Because it contains a large number of melanocytes in the skin surface of the hair follicle. Laser hair removing technology choose the special light to shine. This light is particularly sensitive to the follicle melanocytes, but no damage to the normal epidermis. The light is absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle then convert to thermal energy. So that it can break down the follicle and does not affect the skin.

----Effect of laser hair removal machine for facial

For faical hair removing using the freezing laser hair removal machine. Typically the temperature of epidermal skin rises to high enough to damage the hair follicle structure irreversibly. Hair follicles which have been destroyed will be get rid of after a period of natural metabolism. So this way will achieve the effect of permanent hair removing.

-----Precautions after treatment

Generally we must be prepared to make the basic care after the laser hair removing treatment. Especially the sunscreen to avoid skin pigmentation problems.