What's the treatment principle of breast enlargement machine

Breast is one of the composed elements for female beauty. Normally full breasts can constitute a coordinated curve, so breast enlargement becomes a very hot topic now. The emergence of breast enlargement equipment gives the opportunity to the women who love beauty. Then, what¡®s the treatment principle of this machine ?

1. Promote the body's blood circulation, make blood flow velocity. At the same time, some parts of the muscle tissue can get a certain growth. This is the basic treatment principle of breast enhancement machine.

2. In the course of treatment, the machine will also stimulate the circulation of the body lymphatic system, to achieve the purpose of further breast enhancement.

3. Of course, the internal structure of some similar machines is in disorder. When the machine is failure to work, the maintenance is often delayed. However, our machine has passed reasonable planning and uses the modular structure design, which solves this problem directly.