radiofrequency skin tightening

radiofrequency skin tightening

Radiofrequency skin tightening and slimming CR7

CR7 Radiofrequency skin tightening and slimming system machine has been improved according to customersexperience in the practical application, it can use rf of different frequencies for different treatment depth, intelligent cooling modules to ensure that energy can be transfer to the treatment site directly, while using a 650nm laser enhance beautifying effect on the skin.

Cold wave ave fat dissolving epidermal constant cooling, the radio waves deep heating technology core, surface cooling, deep pyrogenic "cold electricity" effect. Epidermal skin temperature by first smart epidermal cooling system was maintained at 1 C, to ensure that the skin comfortable from damage, then the use of radio waves to create heat conduction, the precise direct skin fat deep to stimulate the body to the ions, charged colloidal particles produce rapid movement or vibration, The friction generates heat dissolved parts of fat.

Radiofrequency skin tightening and slimming CR7

1. Cellulite Reduction,

2. Weight Loss

3. fat loss


1. How can i become a distributor of BOMEITONG?

A: Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.

2. Whats the delivery time?

A: You will get machine during 1-5 days after payment received.

3. Whats the payment method?

A: T/T(bank transfer) Western Union, Money Union, Escrow 


Technology Used

Radiofrequency skin tightening and slimming CR7





Cool/RF fat dissolving handle for bod

Cool/RF fat dissolving handle for face

Input Voltage

AC220V/50Hz      110V/60Hz

Input Power

<250w< span="">

RF frequency

0.8MHz    1.6MHz    2.6MHz

Output wavelength

650 nm

Vacuum pressure

0~100KPa adjustable

Freezing temperature

10 to 1 C

Ambient temperature range

-40 C ~ +55 C


cavuum cavitaiton system

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